…and so, after nearly losing our minds to the last 400+ mile stretch of road, just as the sun was setting, we approached Mt. Hood. The sky unpeeled itself from the sun before us and ran apart, streaking color behind its heels.

Surely enough, an eagle of clouds welcomed us to our new home.

So many adventures, challenges, and unexpected delights awaited us: a night on the floor in my dear (and out of town) friend Nancy’s apartment in Portland, a discovery of the most incredible, gluten free fish house in Portland, where we breakfasted like a fearless king and queen, and our eventual arrival in the funky, crunchy, bikey, green-thumbed wonderspot that is Eugene. We spent a day frolicking and dancing around at Faerieworlds, apartment hunted like fiends while staying in the basement of the bubbly and wonder-hearted Dan and Margarita, and have moved in and furnished our humble, lovable abode by now. We are on the JOB HUNT (please cross your appendages for us, dear supporters) and trying our best to keep homesickness, mental fog, temporary loss of motion, and loneliness at bay. We are DETERMINED to find our community here, and to build full, colorful lives. Starting out is never easy, but I know we’ve got enough magic in us.

Our new and just-furnished apartment! If you're Facebook savvy, you can view more photos here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2350042&id=21410611

We love and miss you all and will keep you informed on here, if you’d like! Let’s take a poll! WHO says we should keep our travel blog going as we travel into our new social, business and creative lives in Eugene? I promise not to be quite as long-winded and we will wine and dine you with colorful photos. What d’ye say? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Thank you for joining us on our journey. (The journey never stops, we are coming to realize.)

We love and miss you all!

Becca & Mickey

Soaking up sun at Faerieworlds, Eugene, OR