After a long hiatus from blog updates and an even longer absence of the writing style of yours truly (Mickey) I am back!  I think when we last left off we had just moved into our glorious apartment and we were just settling in.  Well we are now becoming real Eugenians, complete with some friends, some bike routes memorized, and library cards!

Shortly after that last entry, the Becconator and I made our way Southward to Los Gatos to visit the beautiful and amazing Natalie Hale.  Natalie wined and dined us (gluten free of course) to our hearts’ delight.  Food seemed to be a general theme of this trip, it was just one big gluten free mother daughter love fest complete with carrot cake, 3 course breakfasts, and the best coffee/ hot cocoa either of us had ever had.  Unfortunately not all of our dining experiences ended in the delight we experienced when these various delicacies made contact with our taste buds.  The Becsters and I both learned a couple new lessons about our digestive systems on this trip.  Lesson 1:  Bec’s officially lactose intolerant (I will spare any embarrassing details here).  Lesson 2:  I cannot consume large quantities of soy anything.  ½ pound soy burgers apparently make me violently ill.  Despite our stomach perils we got to see the majesty that is Northern California!  We went on a magnificent hike surrounded by California Red Woods in Big Basin State Park.  My whole life I have heard about the mighty redwoods but there is nothing more inspiring than standing below a tree that preceded white people in this country!  Our last day before heading back to Eugene, thanks to Natalie and her beautiful red Prius, I finally made it to the Pacific coast! My first time since 1997, the water was cold, which didn’t seem to phase Bekachka but my scrawny butt was shivering like a wet Chihuahua! After a long romantic walk down the beach we headed off to dinner for the second night in a row at Dharma’s, an incredible vegetarian restaurant in Santa Cruz.  There I enjoyed the best, the only, and the LAST ½ pound soy burger I have ever had, (as mentioned above).  Overall our experience in Los Gatos was at least a ten-course adventure that exercised our stomach muscles, our walking muscles, and our smiling muscles.

Finally getting acquainted with the ancient Redwoods and Sequoias in Big Basin State Park

Fading away

Gluten free, flourless carrot cake with vegan coconut cream icing!

After a brief break from the job hunt to visit Natalie in Los Gatos we are back on the hunt for that elusive creature…the perfect job.  This morning we had the amazing news that Becca has an interview Monday morning with her dream job working for U of O as a writing tutor!  She will get the job but let’s send her some good vibes anyway.  I have not been quite so lucky but I ain’t givin’ up any time soon!  I have been hitting up the career websites, filling out countless applications, and hitting the streets, wish us luck!  Between the amazing natural food stores, complete with incredible local produce, the ability to ride a bike virtually anywhere, and the laid back culture we are very quickly finding our place here in Eugene.  The other day we drove ten minutes from our apartment to one of the most beautiful hikes of my life, we climbed Spencer Butte.  Spencer Butte was not one of the most impressive hikes I have ever done, a round trip of about 2.4 miles but it was pretty steep and the old growth forest was a sight to be seen.  Saturday will be the Eugene Celebration where the amazing Becksters will be in not one but two dance performances!  Becca is certainly finding her place very quickly in the Eugene dance community and to no surprise to anyone reading this she is much loved by all who are blessed with the gift of her presence!  I plan to join the Obsidians, a local group that meets a couple times a month to hike/ climb local and some not so local places all over the Pacific Northwest!  That’s all I got, surprisingly wordy for me!  I miss you all and I hope you read this in good health and happiness.



Precious last moments together before our next visit.

A stroll around Los Gatos.

Splashing around in the Pacific.

Splashed, salted and ready for dinner!

Passing by Mt. Shasta on the drive north.

Hermes, our softspoken travel companion.